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High efficient defoamer XH230-1

Ingredients: Polydimethylsiloxane
Technical indexes: Appearance: milky white liquid
PH value: 6-8
Ionicity: non-ionic Viscosity: 3000-8000cst
Stability: 3000 r/ min, 15 minutes, the emulsion is not hierarchical, allowing a small amount of precipitation of carbon dioxide
Performance and features: High efficient defoamer XH230-1 has been used in chemical sewage treatment and other industrial processes, and battery purposed PVC sintered plate.
In the chemical industry and sewage treatment, add 0.6-1ppm defoamer into aeration pool, can significantly reduce the foam, and inhibit the production of bubble, reduce environmental pollution, is conducive to the production operation.
Method of application: Added directly to the medium of producing foam, also can be used after diluted, but shaking used immediately.
Packing and transportation: Plastic pail. Stored in a dry place, storage period is six months. Allow a small amount of layering, can be usable after mix, does not affect the anti-foaming effect. This product is non-dangerous goods, so it can be delivered safely.

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